Once you learn to ride a bicycle, you never forget! There is no right age to start, but it is advisable to try as soon as possible because it is what they say: kid learn anything faster.

For children to reach the confidence necessary to pedal independently and move easily on two wheels, they must first learn to stay in balance and acquire that indispensable dose of self-confidence. The balance bike is ideal to learn independently balance and preparing for the pedal bike. The latest surveys debate the usefulness of stabilizers. To learn how to ride a bicycle, the most effective method is to give small children, starting from 18 months, a balance bike without pedals.

The balance bike must be low enough to allow the child to lean the entire sole of the foot on the ground.

In fact, with the use of the stabilizers that hold the bicycle upright, the child does not understand that he can support the bike with his own legs. They will certainly fall sometime but it will be much easier for them to learn to balance.

Remember to never hurry: it is fundamental to allow children the time to assimilate information and experience. After all, cycling must become a fun pastime and not just a tiring activity! In this way, towards the age of 3-4, the passage from balance bike to bicycle with pedals will become much easier and natural, obviously after choosing the right size for the child, adjusting the saddle to ensure full support on the ground.

The sense of balance is developed by correcting the trajectory to avoid falling and by facing the challenge you will encourage them to advance more and more. And do not forget: use a protective helmet and teach them to stop by putting both feet on the ground at the same time!

Once the child has learned how to balance, it will be possible to switch to a pedal bike. Online sale runner, balance bike, bike without pedal


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Spiderman Runner 140R-SAC Dino Bikes

This balance bike is the perfect choice for the kids to learn the balance in a funny and easy way, accompanied by the one and only Spiderman! FEATURES: - Recommended age: 3/4 years old  - Frame and fork: steel - Ergonomic saddle -...