Captain America Bikes

Captain America Bikes

Captain America bikes: the bicycle your child was waiting for!

Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is waiting for many fun adventures on two wheels.

Available in different sizes: 12'' bicycle for children age 3/5 of height 87/100 cm, 14'' bicycle for children age 4/7 of height 95/115 and 16'' bicycle for children age 5/8 of height 107/125 cm.

Captain America bikes have a unique captivating graphic like the superhero, designed for bravest children who want to save the world!

Equipped with stabilizers and Captain America's inimitable front shield, this bike is a must-have" for your little captain!

Product approved by European product safety standards.

Captain America Bikes

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Captain America 14" boy bike

Captain America's exclusive shield for an exclusive bicycle! FEATURES: - Recommended age: 4/7 years old  - Recommended height: 95/115 cm - Frame and fork: steel - 2 brakes caliper  - Composite material wheels - Inflatable tyres  -...