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Find your Dino Bikes bicycle on our online catalogue! Click on the filters on the left for a quick search for the bike you want. On our e-shop you will find a wide range of bicycles for children and bicycles for adults available in different sizes.

All bikes are Made-in-Italy products, certified according to the European safety standards.

For younger children you will choose among the balance bike, without pedals to learn to maintain balance, the 10'' bike designed for children of about 3 years old with an approximate height of 78/90cm. The next step will be the 12'' bike ideal for children age 3 to 5 and an approximate height of 87/100cm. Next move on to the 14'' bike ideal for children age 4 to 7 years and height 95/115cm, and we end up with the 16'' bike, suitable for children age 6 to 8 years and height 107/125cm.

The 20'' bike and the 24'' bike are great for children between about age 7 to 13. Appealing colors and young modern design will not be missing, a must-have for those who want to ride without ever giving up on style or the latest trends.

Also on our e-shop you will find a category of adult bicycles, ideal for city life. This is a reinterpretation with a touch of vintage of a model in which sport and fashion are combined. A refined for a truly unique bicycle.

Have fun with the bikes surfing!

Online bikes catalogue

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PEPPA PIG 14'' girl bike

The only Peppa Pig for a unique bicycle! FEATURES: - Recommended age: 4/7 years old  - Recommended height: 95/115 cm - Frame and fork: steel - 2 caliper brakes - Alloy wheels - Inflatable tyres   - Free wheel - Soft...

Bike Barbie 14" girl

Barbie the fashion icon doll famous all over the world and is now the protagonist of the most fashionable bicycle created by Dino Bikes! FEATURES: - Recommended age: 4/7 years old  - Recommended height: 95/115 cm - Frame and fork:...

1020G CTB Game Kit Bicycle - Dino Bikes

The sporty and elegant bicycle for spirited girls FEATURES: - Recommended age: 7/11 years old - Aurelia Engineering Hi-ten Steel frame - Custom Hi-ten 1 ”x 1/8 fork - Certified V-brakes  - Crank set 40x140mm - Thun Cartdrige movement - TY...