Dinosaurs Bikes

Dinosaurs bikes have arrived!

With an attractive and sporty design, Dinosaurs bicycle is the right choice for adventurous children and children crazy about dinosaurs…as many of the parents were when they were children!

Dinosaurs bike features a dynamic frame, stabilizers, front plate and a fantastic rear wing.

Available in sizes: 12'' for age 3/5 and height 87/100cm, 14'' bike for age 4/7 and height 95/115cm and 16'' for age 5/8 and height 107/125cm.

Get the Dinosaurs bicycle for your child now!

Product approved by European product safety standards.

Dinosaurs Bikes

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Dinosaurs 14 "boy bike

Let's travel through time to Dinosaur era with Dino Bikes  FEATURES: - Recommended age: 4/7 years  old - Steel frame and fork, TIG welding - Painted steel wheels - Inflatable tires - 2 caliper brakes - Free wheel - Soft...