LOL Bikes

LOL Bikes

The awesome LOL bikes are finally here!

Glittery and incredibly fashion, the LOL bike will make your little girls in love with LOL fashionable dolls super happy!

LOL bikes are available in two sizes for bigger girls: 16'' for age 5/8 (107/125cm height) and 20'' bike for age 7/11 (120 / 145cm of height).

The 16 "size is equipped with stabilizers, an adorable doll carrier, front basket and a wheel disk to always be noticed, while the 20" size has a larger and spacious front basket!

Riding the LOL bicycle, your kids will ne able to experience dreamy afternoons in the company of their best friends. What are you waiting for to get a LOL bike?

Product approved by European product safety standards.

LOL Bikes

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