Mickey Mouse Bikes

Mickey Mouse Bikes

We present you the Mickey Mouse bicycle!

Mickey Mouse bike signed by Dino Bikes and dedicated to the most famous Disney character in the world has finally arrived! The one and only Mickey has accompanied generations of children in their growth and now it's your kids' turn. Mickey Mouse will be their guide in exploring the real world and the fantasy world, always in safety, wherever they dream of going ... let's remember that "if you can dream it, you can do it!"

Available in sizes: 12'' bicycle for age 3/5, 14'' bicycle for age 4/7 and 16'' bicycle for age 5/8.

All sizes are equipped with stabilizers, a colorful front plate with Mickey Mouse in the foreground and the practical water bottle to be able to move independently. For bigger sizes a front wheel disk is included. With the Mickey Mouse bike your children will experience exciting daily adventures thanks to their most powerful weapon: the imagination!

Product approved by European product safety standards.

Mickey Mouse Bikes

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Mickey Mouse 14" boy bike

The bicycle dedicated to Mickey Mouse, the most famous Disney character in the world. FEATURES: - Recommended age: 4/7 years - Steel frame and fork, TIG welding - Painted steel wheels - Inflatable tires - Free wheel - 2 caliper brakes -...